Lighting Solutions

As one of the leaders in automotive lighting manufacturing, at Flex-N-Gate, we provide unique and flexible solutions to all our customers. Click below to learn more about how to work with us. 




At FNG, it's our goal to combine technology and function with style and class. Our Advance Lighting Group is always on the forefront of new ways of achieving this goal. Whether it's applying our patented FLEX F/X technology to give your tail lamp a signature style on the road or integrating Glare-Free driving technology into your headlamps to make driving at night that much safer, we are always pushing technology forward.

Nissan Infiniti Q-70 Tail Lamp with FLEX F/X integration.

Forward Lighting

Ford Motor Company F150 High Series Headlamp.

Our forward lighting technology gives our customers the ability to create the configuration that best suits their needs. Whether our customers need a standard halogen bulb application or an Adaptive Driving Beam LED system for their headlamps, our engineers can accommodate any design and function. Our lighting expertise gives us the ability to stay on top of emerging technology and applications, all while staying adaptive to customers’ needs.


Rear Lighting


FNG develops and produces highly functional and attractive signal lamps for our customers. And our patented FLEX F/X technology changes the game for brand recognition for rear lighting on vehicles. Accompanied by top-of-the-line engineering and manufacturing, our rear lighting solutions give our customers the freedom of whatever design and technical innovation meets their needs.

Ford Motor Company 2018 Mustang Tail Lamp