ADB Systems


Adaptive Driving Beam (or Glare-Free High Beam) technology is a revolution for safer and more comfortable driving at night. It is a dynamic lighting systems that will see, sense, adapt and react to rapidly changing driving conditions. It involves a computer controlled matrix light source (LEDs), using a camera and other sensors to detect objects and selectively disable portions of the light pattern. This prevents glare for the other drivers on the road while still giving the driver the utmost visibility. The Glare-Free High Beam provides full time high beam without causing glare to oncoming drivers, as it selectively turns off segments of the LED high beam to adapt to where the other drivers are on the road. All while keeping the rest of the high beam on the road.

This technology provides better visibility of the road for the driver and no glare for oncoming drivers, enabling a high level visibility to maximize for driving safety even in mixed traffic. And since it automatically performs the task, the driver doesn’t need to keep switching on and off the high beam.

Initial applications of this technology (pending its legality in the United States) will be on high series headlamps. But the systems can be applied to all vehicles, including motorcycles and commercial fleet vehicles. These systems may have any number of LEDs from six to thousands, depending on cost and performance needs.


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