FLEX F/X was developed by the Flex-N-Gate Advanced Lighting Group to supply a unique appearance while meeting specific legal, customer and manufacturing best practices. These lamps are tested throughout the development process and meet all thermal, vibration and lit appearance criteria for legal tail and stop functions.

Achievable Functions

  • Tail

  • Stop

  • Turn

  • Daytime Signature Lamp

  • Daytime Running Lamp


  • Cost effective vs. traditional OLED technology.

  • Uses existing FMVSS-compliant materials.

  • Uses standard components (LEDs, etc.).

  • Passes all existing tests utilized for traditional automotive lamps.

  • Uses standard manufacturing methods and processes.

  • Able to package in standard geometries.


Nissan/Infiniti Q70

Homogeneous Tail Lamp


Nissan requested an investigation on how to improve the current homogeneous appearance of the tail function on their Q70 vehicles. The goal was to eliminate LED hot spots while maintaining a maximum intensity variation ratio of less than 3:1 across the surfaces of the lift gate and body side tail lamps.

By using our patented FLEX F/X technology, we achieved the homogeneity goal and improved to a level of 1:1 ratio. In addition, the lit area of the tail function was increased on the side view, which allowed the removal of the side marker LED. The stop and turn functions were also adapted to FLEX F/X technology to match the appearance and contrast ratio of the tail function.


Nissan/Infiniti Q70

Tail Lamp


Nissan held a contest in their design studio to challenge FNG with creating a unique appearing lamp. Of the four finalists, the “Explosion” version was chosen. Star Wars’ Light Saber inspired the “Explosion” appearance, and, in our simulation of the “hero” wielding the “saber”, the intensity of concentrated light was near the rotation of his or her hand. The remaining light was randomly scattered throughout the lamp’s tail compartment. By using our FLEX F/X technology, along with a unique reflector surface, the result was a hybrid system that very closely matched the desired appearance.


Ford Edge

Tail Lamp

In addition to the FLEX F/X lensing for the tail function, we were requested to provide a stop and turn function. By using FLEX F/X we were able to achieve all three functions with a 3D “Blade” appearance. In addition to the three functions, we were also able to include an animated turn function and an “Embrace” welcoming function.


Volkswagon Polo

Tail Lamp

VW requested a low cost tail function with a unique appearance without the cost of LEDs. The goal was to maintain the current lamp size and P21 bulb.

By using our FLEX F/X technology, and a modified reflector surface, we were able to achieve three distinct 3D appearances. To offset cost, an inner lens was eliminated and the aluminum, metalized surface was also no longer required.


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