Building Solutions


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Our patented FLEX F/X technology gives our customers’ lamps a one-of-a-kind appearance while achieving all necessary rear lamp functions. Using unique lensing and reflecting technology, along with low-cost LEDs, FLEX F/X can achieve everything from a completely homogenous lit appearance to an appearance of “explosions”, giving our customers’ vehicles a signature look out on the road.


Impactful. Unique.


Driving Beam

Designed to maximize driver visibility and safety during nighttime driving, Adaptive Driving Beams (ADB) use onboard cameras to detect oncoming vehicles or pedestrians and adjust the high beam lights accordingly, giving the driver the ability to keep their high beams on without impeding the visibility of drivers around them. FNG’s modular application of this technology gives customers the ability to insert the ADB system into any headlamp construction that meets their needs.




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